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Basketball, Motivation — June 29, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Basketball Offense: The Step-Step and The Rocker Step Moves

Apart from the One Side Move and the Cross Over Move, there are two more offense plays a player can use in order to brake the defiance, make him off balance, and head for the rim to score; these are the Step-Step and the Rocker Step Moves. Here’s how they perform.

Basketball Offense

The Step-Step move is when the offensive player makes a fake step toward the defense, or on the side; and then makes a quick longer step in the same direction while the defensive player tries to recover the defensive stance after being tricked. The second, longer step should be very quick and explosive because it is the initial step for ‘attack’ and maneuvering around the defense in an effective way.

Similar to the Step-Step Move, The Rocker Step Move is when the offensive player jabs the foot towards the defense and then brings it back behind, then faking a short or just acting like he is relaxed. This image of the offense should trick the defense, then a quick move from the offense provided by the foot that made the fake will trigger the defense off balance and the offense will pass him.

Basketball Offense

Basketball Offense

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