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Health, Motivation — May 23, 2011 at 4:37 pm

Fat-loss Facts You Should be Aware Of

Calculating calorie’s input and output with mathematics does not make weight loss process simpler. Measuring how much calories you eat with how much calories you burn leaves many fat-loss factors sneaking through the diet unchecked, not allowing you to achieve the target of weight loss. Here are some few things you should be aware of if you follow a certain fat-burning diet.


All that measuring of calories and their burning is good. It lets you keep track of the metabolism. But when it comes to fibers, some of their calories remain unprocessed. A fiber is a carbohydrate in which a single gram contains 4 calories which won’t be digested.

Insulin levels in the bloodstream prevent further fat burning. The insulin function is to get rid of the sugar present in the bloodstream. The more insulin is put to work, the more certain is the fat-burning process in a static status.

In its work, the insulin uses lipids (fat). When the body processes carbohydrates it uses a large amount of insulin, thus lipid levels increase; putting all this together stores fat.
Probably the most important thing when it comes to following a proper diet, fat-burning or mass-gaining is the frequency of the meals during the day. No matter how modern the present is, no matter how much gym exercises are there, exercising machines and etc; the daily schedule of the three meals are in the morning (around 7 a.m.), in the afternoon (around 1 p.m.) and in the evening around 7 p.m.). If the meal’s biorhythm is a mess almost every day, than fat storage increases not just in quantity, but in speed also. Having regular, smaller meals speeds up the metabolism and allows no fat storage as they are meant to fuel the body energy constantly.

However, consuming a big breakfast is not that dangerous. It is quite logical that the body wakes up on an empty stomach and requires “a full tank” in order to work throughout the day. So the calories input in the morning are defiantly on the schedule for burning throughout the day.

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