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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — May 9, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Chest Workout: Hammer Strength Machine

If you want to have a break from the bench press machine, or you just want to pause a bit from the pushups, then the hammer strength machine is the perfect way to do it. This exercise will lynch you from the parallel positioning to the floor and looking weather in the ground or the ceiling while pumping those chest muscles. The hammer strength machine stations the body in a sitting position.

 Chest Workout hammer strenght machine

The machine is designed to trigger the chest muscles in to a pushing motion (just like in pushups and bench press), but this time you are doing it while sitting. Sit on the machine (previously adjust the seat so that the handles are parallel to the chest) and grab the handles form the sides. Before you start pushing forwards, make sure you have a straight back “attached” on the machine along with the head. Start pushing the handles forward until you stretch those elbows; once the push is complete, return to initial position. This will give the chest a little stretch.

Every hammer strength machine has a mechanism below the legs for you to push and station the handles right beside you. This will also help if you tend to handle heavier weight.
Adjust the level of difficulty to the limit of overtraining. Start the first set with lower weight and then gradually increase by 10 kg (5 kg for each side)

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