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Body Building, Fitness — May 4, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Chest Workout: Dumbbell Flyes

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This workout exercises triggers more than just the chest muscles; to be more precise – the pectoral muscles. In order for it to be performed, the body is assisted by the deltoid muscles and the biceps.

Chest Workout dumbbell flyes

Lie flat on the bench press machine. You won’t need the barbell so get it off the rack because it may get in the way of the dumbbells. Now, the initial position for the exercise is the same as for the classic bench press exercise. But instead of grabbing a barbell, you get a hold of one pair of dumbbells and lift them high in from of your chest. From this position, move the dumbbells to the side, slowly, like you are painting a rainbow above your body. The radius of the half-circle should be a bit smaller then the top extend of your arms (so bend the elbows a little. When the hands reach a stretching-point on the side, the fully stretch chest muscles are ready for the way back in the same way as it was lowered. Rest at least 2 seconds in between repetitions and remember to keep a normal, steady pace on the movement. You don’t have to overdo it with the weights because its goal is not muscular mass improvement.

Chest Workout dumbbell flyes

Make 3 sets of 12, 10 and 8 repetitions. This is a default setting. You can give or take weight depending on your capabilities. Plan this exercise after your muscle-mass-building exercises; preferably after the bench press. The flat bench press is not the limit here; since there is an Incline and Decline bench press exercises, the dumbbell flyes are also possible in these versions.

Chest Workout dumbbell flyes

Chest Workout dumbbell flyes

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