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Body Building, Fitness — May 3, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Biceps Workout: Cable Curls

The Cable Curls are an effective biceps exercise that can “stretch” the biceps muscles in a slow motion movement. When people do barbell or dumbbell curls, when lowering down the barbell (or dumbbell) they just let the weight go down by itself; without trying to counter the lowering movement. With the cable Curls, the countering of the lowering movement can be just as effective as pulling the cable up towards your chest.

 cable curl exercise

Now, this exercise is almost a 100% the same as the normal classic barbell or dumbbell curls. You stand in front of the cable workout machine with legs in shoulder length; grab the previously set bar in the lower part of the machine (also in shoulder length); bend the knees a bit for a back safety; and then start curling those biceps towards your chest. The whole body needs to be in a firm, steady position so that only the elbow can do the curling. This exercise tolerates bending the body a bit to the back; the law of physics will approve of it. When lowering the cable down to initial position for the next repetition, give it a little resistance so it triggers the biceps even more.

Don’t worry about overtraining them; they’ll get their rest in-between the sets. To avoid overtraining, don’t push it to hard with the weight levels.
Start your first set with a level around the same one as you use in the single dumbbell curl and then increase the weight on the following set. You don’t have to increase the gap between sets with just 5 kg (2.5kg on each hand). Increase it by 10 kg so that 5 kg increase will get each hand. Make 3 sets with 12, 10 and 8 repetitions (with the last set being the most challenging one)

 cable curl exercise fitness model

For those that are not targeting total muscular mass build, focus on having more repetition with the same weight as the 2 set. The first one is like a warm up, increase the second and then stay with it. Make around 15 t o20 repetitions.

You don’t have to work both hands simultaneously. Every cable machine has individual attachments for each hand so you can do Biceps Cable Curls on each hand individually.
The 3 sets of 12,10 and 8 repetitions are just a default setting. Feel free to plan the exercise as it fits your strength and capability, but watch out from overtraining limits.

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