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Fitness, Motivation — May 30, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Back Workout: Hyperextensions

Along with the pull ups, the hyperextensions are a back workout exercises capable of achieving many results without the need of a dumbbell or a barbell. Implementing an exercise which requires your own weight is always beneficial, such are the hyperextensions.


To do the hyperextensions, you’ll need a special hyperextension bench to support your body firmly while exercising. The exercising movement can be referred to as an abs-crunch in reverse. Instead of crunching forward, you do the same movement backward. Once you position the body on the bench, place your hands on your chest to maintain full movement control during the repetitions. From initial position, lower the body towards the ground and then lift it back up. That is it. During the repetitions, keep a firm body and concentrate on doing the proper movements and don’t lose count on the repetitions. The lower back muscles must not me over trained.


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