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Fitness, Health, Motivation — April 26, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Yoga and Weight Lifting: Benefits

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A question about whether Yoga fits in the equations of fitness exercising, weight lifting, and bodybuilding; often comes up. When combining these two arts of physical activity, almost everybody will assume that these can help each other, mostly yoga in the direction towards fitness. Yes, they do fit, but to a point actually.

Yoga Training

Yoga has been around for quite some time, and nowadays it is one of the most popular physical activity in the world, especially among women. The reason is simple, it doesn’t require the assistance of free weights, heavy gym equipment and etc; all you need is a nice tight fitness outfit and a small matt (a bit long from your size) to place it on the floor. Exercising technique involves slow body movements in combination with relaxed breading, relaxed aura, positive energy and most importantly – calm patient meditation. The result is a relaxed body full of flexible capabilities, concentrated trained mind and low stress levels.

With the flexibility card, yoga can assist in fitness workout (dumbbell and barbell lifting) in terms of strength and reduced joint pains. A Yoga position stretches the muscles to a relaxing point so that they are fully ready for weight lifting. Many people are misled with the fact that yoga does quite a great job when it comes to “chiseled” muscles; they do make their benefit to it, but only to certain extend. I’ll mention again, Chiseled Muscles are created with high-tensed weight lifting, cardio-workout and strict discipline in food intake (controlled level of carbohydrates and fat).

Yoga Training

The real benefit of yoga is mind training. There is always something fresh when it comes to slow-paced concentrated training. It is recommendable to everyone to dedicate at least 15 to 20 minutes in the day moments of peace and tranquility. Transforming those calm silence minutes into a an exercise full of flexible movements followed with controlled inhale/exhale and proper sweating, will create positive energy to the full extent.

Yoga Training

Yoga Training

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