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Fitness, Health, Motivation — April 5, 2011 at 5:49 pm

Training and Sexual Drive

Testosterone is the body hormone that is the main element when it comes to both physical exercising and sexual activity. This hormone has a major role for muscular growth triggered by lifting weights, and is the key ingredient in the libido recipe.

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Men are constantly wondering weather training in the gym will boost their sexual drive and make them love rulers in bed. Well the answer is YES. Testosterone levels in the body tend to rise when it comes to lifting weights, especially when doing full squats. That exercises uses a lot of muscular fiber which evidently results in a large testosterone release. Overtraining is the biggest enemy of testosterone creation. Lifting heavier dumbbells and barbells will actually do the opposite for the entire body.

couple training

Exercises which can increase your sexual drive are the following: Bent-over row, Lunges, Bench press, Shoulder Press, Stiff-legged dead lift, Pull-ups and Back squat.
There is another thing that should be considered when it comes to this combination – will regular sex affect the strength and energy need in the gym? – Most of the times it won’t. Since both activities produce testosterone hormones it won’t do any harm at all. But unlike exercising, sexual activity uses testosterone for producing climax pleasure. Now, if you go exercising after having sex then it is highly possible you won’t have energy for it because the body is in a relaxing state.

couple training

For those taking supplements in order to reach muscular growth to extreme levels, the sexual drive can be standing on the edge of a cliff. Steroids and supplements increase the testosterone levels very high, but note that the increase is artificially triggered which also can have counter effect.

Overall, sexual activity and training go along together. If you don’t over-train then there won’t be any problem at all. Enjoy your exercise and intimacy.

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