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Fitness, Motivation — April 20, 2011 at 5:01 pm

The motivation that we got from Jack Lalanne

Jack Lallane is the Guru of fitness training. He was the man that proved to the world that everybody has its own personal “fountain of youth” as long as they eat healthy, exercise regularly and lead a happy life without stress. The man was a legend and inspiration while he was alive and will continue to inspire people in the years to come.

Jack Lalanne

Lallane passed away when he was 95 years old. In the last years of his life he often said that he couldn’t die, because it will ruin his image. But he also knew that nobody lived forever and if you cannot escape death, then let’s prolong its arrival and live as healthy as possible.

In all his life he only had one health problem. He had a heart surgery when he was 90 years old and then continued to live healthy without any problems. The fact that his body was his own healthy creation, it was able to maintain health levels on higher ground.

Many of the workout machines that we see today in the gym are his creations. He was one of the first who proved that people can get high results if the workout with smaller weights and increased repetitions.

In the past decade or so, he introduced to the world the Power Juicer, a kitchen appliance that was able to “squeeze” off all the juices from the fruits and vegetables. He not only presented it, he stick to its usage and drank fresh juice on a daily basis. His body received all the vitamins and minerals they needed 24/7.
Leading a happy life and a happy marriage was hi next advice. People whole lead their lives without stress, without any marriage problems and a healthy sexual life, were the ones responsible for healthier body. He was happily married to Elaine Lallane for 51 years.

Jack Lalanne

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