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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — April 28, 2011 at 6:16 pm

Pushups burning Fat

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Many a times Pushups have front row seats on this website and it will keep having the top tickets because it deserves it. Pushups are a classic workout exercises that requires nothing but enough free space to do it and your own body weight – no dumbbells no barbells. The combination of pushups and burning fat is not something to be surprised of. It’s possible and it works.


Burning body fat below the skin is a target to anybody who workouts in the gym with free weights, even people who don’t visit gyms and prefer physical activity like running, basketball, swimming and ect. Everybody like a sexy body underneath their clothes with toned muscles and six packs. Believed or not the pushups a capable of achieving that target.

To burn fat, you need both anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise. With pushups, you active a lot of muscles at the same time; big and small, the many muscles work together in order to provide the body with pushups capability – the anaerobic part is complete. When you are able to achieve more pushups repetitions, you turn up the speed a little bit. Pushups in a faster repetitions triggers cardiovascular exercise, thus the aerobic part is also complete.


Bear in mind that pushups have many varieties and are able to trigger almost every muscle in the body. Not all the muscles at once, but many types of pushups require more than just the chest muscles, arms and shoulders.

As I mentioned before, never exclude the pushups from your workout routine. They are inevitable part of exercising and are capable of providing a lot of strength to the body. Many a times pushups are the reason people are able to handle 220 pounds (100kg) on the bench press; and that is just one of the situations.



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