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Body Building, Fitness — April 18, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Leg Exercise: Calf Rises

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The Calf rises are an excellent leg exercise. With a regular routine and discipline, the road from skinny to powerful calf muscles is secure. An interesting thing about this workout is that it doesn’t require a special workout-machine. All you need is a step of some kind that you can stand on its very edge.

Calf Rises

Stand on the edge of a step or something like it. Make sure you are on the edge of it – with toes on the step and heels in the air. Now simulate a jumping movement with the feet, but don’t jump. The Calf muscles will be those that move you up and down. Start the exercise with nothing in your hands; just use your body weight as a “barbell”. Then when you overcome the body weight, grab a set of dumbbells in your hands to increase the challenge.

An important key to this exercise is to hold the standing up position of the repetition for about 2 seconds. This will put a 100% pressure on the calves and challenge the muscles to the ultimate workout.
Calves are a great looking muscular group. They are definitely sight for sore eyes during the summer when people wear under-knee shorts. As for the benefits outside the look, they increase running stamina, increase the jump height and endurance, help maintain body balance when heavier exercise are being worked out or heavier sets for that matter. Having strong calves on the legs is like having the strongest pillars every bridge wants to have.

Calf Rises

Calf Rises

Calf Rises

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