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Fitness, Motivation — April 12, 2011 at 4:01 pm

Jump Squats for Power and Fat Burning

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When muscles are engaged in maximum power they burn fat more then the normal level. The maximum power exercises are not in danger of overtraining, since overtraining is more of a weight lifting issues. Jump Squats don’t need the assistance of ane barbells or dumbbells; all you need is enough space around you in wide-hands-spread radius and enough space above you for the jump.

squat jump fitness model

To get started, position your body for normal squats – back straight and feet in shoulder width position. Now, make a normal squat by lowering your body to the floor with the knees. You do remember that the knees should make a 90 degree angle, that’s the final point. Instead of returning to initial position with a normal movement, make a jump as high as you can with arms up; when landing, immediately return to the 90 degree knee position of the squat and hands lowered. For starters make 2 sets with 10 repetitions.

squat jump fitness model

Don’t use just your feet to jump; use your entire feet flat out. Keep a straight back and watch your hands not to hit the ground or your body from the sides.
Jump squats can be performed in different variations, meaning, the hands can have other “positions and roles” other than trying to reach the ceiling. Once you conquer the normal jumps squat, feel free to explore other types.

squat jump fitness model

squat jump fitness model

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