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Fitness, Health — March 8, 2011 at 9:50 am

Weight Loss Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal for the day. It is vital that you consume nutrition in the morning because your metabolism is rested and is ready for work. Giving it healthy fuel it is able to process many proteins and vitamins that the body requires. The following menu will provide full muscular nutrition and no fat whatsoever.


A shake with strawberries, whey protein and cinnamon is full of amino acids capable of charging muscular growth. More muscles means more fat burning capabilities. The strawberries contain fibers and cinnamon eliminates carbs with a slower tempo.


An avocado omelet with broccoli and couple of slices of hot pepper is ideal for weight loss. Broccoli gives built to the meal with less calories; the avocado is a natural weight loss fruit; and studies have shown that peppers helps the metabolism tempo to speed up.


High-fiber cereal with Yogurt and fresh fruit – Conjugate linoleic acid is the substance yogurt fats contain. Avoid fruit flavored yogurt because they don’t contain added sugar. Studies have shown many times the direct link between weight loss and fiber.

Bon appétit.


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