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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — March 15, 2011 at 9:30 am

The Punch Pushup

Of all the pushup variations, this one is the most motivational one. A push up is a push up but this one will do more than just a push off the ground once you see how it’s done.

Exercising a Punch pushup is like a normal one, but instead of placing your palms flat on the ground you place the hand in the form of a fist so that the knuckles are touching the ground. It is a hard push though since all the body weight you need to push relies on the wrists. But with practice ti gets more fun and powers more strength to the arms.


Before starting punch pushups – safety. Make sure your wrists are warmed up good in case you slip a little. You don’t want then cracking a bit when you lower the body. On a concentration level, while you are making the pushup, try to think that you are punching the ground with your fists. If the knuckles feel more pressure, than place the thumb above the fist so that it helps in the repetitions.

It ok if you place two towels underneath the fists to avoid knuckle pain, but it may by difficult to perform the pushups if the towels are on a wooden floor. So it is good if you make the punch pushups on a carpet.


The effects of the punch pushups are tremendous. They are great for building strength in the wrists, elbows and shoulders. Boxers perform the n on a daily basis because it powers strength in the arm, ergo punch pushup.

To repeat the pushups instruction: lay on the ground facing the floor; place your hands on the side a bit wide with a fist facing down; while keeping a straight back push yourself off the ground and once you reach a position when the arms are straight, lower down to initial position. Make 3 sets with repetitions as much as you can.


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