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Fitness, Health — March 11, 2011 at 10:00 am

Taking the bike to work

The title is not literally to take the bike and place it in your office just to keep you company. But instead of using the key to the car ignition, just use the key to from the garage and hop on the bike to ride to work. There are many reasons why you should do that.

bike to work

The most obvious one and most beneficial is fitness. Bike riding is among the world top cardiovascular workout machine. It does wonders for the heart and fat burning process. You can eliminate calories up to 500 hundred per hour.

If you compare the time you spend in the car from home to work and the time on a bike from home to work, there will be slight difference, if not at all. Rush hours are an everyday problem and they seem to stay longer. People are often late for work just because of traffic jams.

bike to work

Every time you get on the bike you save the earth. Over 250 million gallons gasoline are saved every year from “burning” in the air. 15 pounds of polluted air is saved on every 4th mile of bike ride.
The bike’s physical exercises gift to you improves working stamina. It has been many a times proven that people that practice physical activity are more successful in their work.

Did I mention it saves money? Of course it does. Why “burning” money out of your wallet to “burn” fuel in the car, when you can burn calories in your body for free. And the bike doesn’t want many for new headlights, new seat covers, new windows and you name it.

bike to work

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