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Fitness, Health, Motivation — March 19, 2011 at 10:00 am

Take a Break form the Gym

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Gym ,Gym ,Gym … every day gym, gym gym – take a break. Exercising in the gym for longer periods tends to get the feeling that you are a robot, that you work on coins and everytime you „Insert an exercising Coin“ you enter the gym. Well lay off the gym form time to time.


Before you start training in the gym you were active in some other recreational activity, like basketball, tennis, football and etc. It will be great if you go to the park an shoot hoops then lift weights. The body needs a change from all those barbells and dumbbels. mAll those spoprts activities are aerobic workout. Aerobic workouts are a great vehcile for oxigent import into your blood. Oxygent is also a number one food supply for the brain. So every time you hit the basketball court with your friends it won’t effect your muscular mass. In fact, it will contribute a great deal of oxygent for endurance and strength which you’ll later use in the gym.


If you don’t have someone to play one-on-one on the basketball court, invite somebody form the gym. Garantee gim that the explosive movements and jumps, along with a great deal of sweat, will later on do their magin on the bench press.

It doesnt have to be basketball, make it football. There is a lot of running involved in the game which trigers blood flow in the muscles and calory termination.

A quality hike in the mountains on a Sunday is apsolutely perfect. Gather few friends and offer them a hiking trip on the nerest hill. Organize a nice picnic in the forest and you’ll see the results.



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