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Stretching is a pre-workout activity that most people fail to recognize its significance. Many of times when people get in the gym they are impatient of grabbing the barbell and get right to it. Without pre-stretch activity it is highly likely that they’ll start felling pin in the joints and elbows during their first set. Here are four types of stretching: Static, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), Dynamic and Passive, which will prepare the muscles and joints the right way for weight lifting.


Static stretching stretches the muscles as long as it can. Once you reach the final stretching point, remain in that position for 30 seconds and breathe deeply. The breathing provides oxygen to the blood in the muscles which helps them recover from previous exercise and improves their elasticity.


A PNF stretch alternates between contracting and relaxing an antagonistic an agonist, muscles. It is performed in short time, about 10 seconds. Mostly it requires the assistance of a partner. This type of stretch is great for improving the movement of a muscle and it is important to do this type of stretch after an exercise.

Dynamic stretching involves slow movements of a muscle group to its full range of motions. It prepares them for the upcoming exercise and increases the blood and oxygen flow in the muscles which decreases the changes of an injury.


Passive stretching is performed by the assistance of an external force, like stretch band. With it you perform the pressure on the targeted muscle. This is a good post-workout stretch which relaxes the muscles and recovers them for the next workout session.


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