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Body Building, Fitness — March 1, 2011 at 9:30 am

Leg Workout – Dumbbell Split Squat

The squat is for the lower body muscles as pushups are for the upper body muscles; they put all the lower body muscles into work. Like push-variations, squat has its different ways of performing. Here is the dumbbell split squad workout.

Dumbbell Split Squat

Stand straight up with two dumbbells in your hands. The weight of the dumbbells should be normal. Now, make a step forward so that the leg stepping should reach a distance that when you kneel, the knee should be 90 degrees in angle. The leg not stepping should lower to the ground in a position almost touching the floor. Once you reach the step forward, push yourself back in the initial position and make the other repetition with the other leg.

Dumbbell Split Squat

Make the first set with as much as repetitions as you can, than make the other set with 2 repetitions less.Make sure you have warmed up before the exercises. Stretch the legs good so that they won’t be exposed to unnecessary injury.

Dumbbell Split Squat

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