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Body Building, Fitness — March 12, 2011 at 10:50 am

Flip a Tractor Tire

Every now and then strength workout should be performed out of the gym. Bodybuilders and athletes use methods outside the gym walls to power up their strength, increase motivation and throw a little spice on the action. By little I mean a little big.

tractor tire flipping

Most attractive improvisational workout is flipping a tractor tire which weighs about 400 to 600 pounds (100kg to 500 kg). You can buy one at an auto-body shop or get one for free in a junkyard; just make sure you clean it. Before you start flipping it warm up good because this workout requires full body strength and carefully timed body movements.

Once you get warmed up, stand in from of the tire and grab it on the edge with a body position for a dead lift. Now, start lifting the tire like on a dead lift workout and once the tire reach your waist, bend one knee and help the hands in lifting. When the tire reaches your shoulders, grab the tire underneath and push forward with the shoulders assisted by the knees, back and chest. Once you flip it, get ready for another power push.

tractor tire flipping

Since you flip it constantly, try to find location outdoors that’s quite long, so you won’t damage something around you; like an outdoor basketball court.This is definitely a great power builder workout. Not only it boost up your strength, but it also gets you a true feel of a hardcore bodybuilding workout.

tractor tire flipping

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