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Fitness, Motivation — March 9, 2011 at 9:40 am

Fitness in the Office

This is not about installing a couple of workout machines in the offices space so that you can use a few minutes to work out a little bit, no. this is about small strategic moves that can perform fitness on a parallel level on what you are doing in the office all day. The following tips can be pointed out as “fitness in the shadows”. Here is what I am talking about.

Office Fitness

Instead of a briefing conference in a big office, why not organize a simple walk in the park with your colleagues. Of course, not that kind of briefing that involves statistic charts, but an informational one. That way, all can enjoy a good walk during a sunny day; a nice fresh air will brighten their spirits and without knowing it, they had a bit of a break and relaxation.

Office Fitness

You don’t have to sit down all the time while working. Instead of talking on the phone while sitting, why not standing up and walk while having a conversation. Walking around will keep a rhythm on your speech and fluency. The legs will use a good stretch from it.

I’m sure that there is a colleague in the company with the same views for exercising as you. So make him your accomplice at this fitness-in-the shadow. You can plan many more fitness tricks while working and plan the lunch with a healthy nutrition.

Often your colleagues want to order a big lunch for everybody. Candidate yourself to do the ordering, that way you can supply a healthier food instead of pizza or burgers.

Office Fitness

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