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Fitness, Health, Motivation — March 22, 2011 at 9:30 am

Chair Exercises

Dinamic office day leaves no room for exercising, but there is a way. Here are few exercises you can do with your chair.

Stand ups

stand in fron of chair, make sure it is firm and strong chair able to handle your weight. Chairs with little wheels on them are out of the question. Now, place one leg on the hcair so that it forms a 90 degree angle iwth the knee, then put presure on the leg to lift yourself up with so that the stright leg is off the ground. When that bendet knee of 90 degrees becomes streight, lower down to initial position and start another repetition with the other leg. This exercise is great for triggering the leg muscles, quat and gluteus maximus muscles.

chair exercises

The Chair Plank

Instead of making a normal plank on the floor, use the chair. Place the legs on the chair and along with the arms (or elbows) on the floor form a table. Keep a stright back as long as you kan. This triggers the core muscles since they are those that keep the table in place.

Push ups

For the classic pushups you dont need a chair, just enough space in the office to perform them. But you can accent the upper chest if you place the legs on the chair instead on the floor.

chair exercise

One-leged squat.

This exercise is opposite the stand ups. Stand in front of the chair with your back facing it. Place one leg on the chair and find a standing balance with the other. Lower yourself to the ground slowly. Once you finish with one leg, switch places with the other. This exercise triggers the hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus maximums.

Triceps dips

while sitting on thechair, grab the side edges with the hands and streighten your legs up front. Move a bit forward with the body and lower yourself with the arms to the floor. Before you reach the ground push yourself up with the triceps. Make 2-3 sets with 12-15 repetitions.

triceps dips

Calf rises

Take a firm chair and stand on its very edge with half a foot a loof. Now steady move up and down with the feet so that calfs are triggers.


Lie on thechair on your stomac. The trick here is to keep a streight body balance on the chair as long as you can. Just like the plank targetst the ab muscels, the Superman targets the back and weist muscles.

Military press

Grab the chair on both back legs and lift it above your head then lower it down in front of the head. In plain words, simulate the shoulder workout Military Press with the chair.

triceps dips

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