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Fitness, Health — March 5, 2011 at 9:40 am

Cardio Workout Myths, part 2

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“One type of Cardio workout every day”.
The advice in weight lifting is to vary the exercises, not perform the same over and over agin. The same goes for cardio workout. If you stay with just running, the opposite will happen: the body will get use to one particular movement and will satr burning less fat then usual. There are more activities than running that are capable of eliminating calories, like bike riding, mountain hiking, swimming, basketball, football and etc,

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“10 minutes of Cardio is like no Cardio at all.”
Time is money so don’t underestimate it. If you are left with 10 minutes for cardio workout, use them. There is always enough time for it. Try increasing the intensity of the 10 minute cardio workout instead of just going through it for the sake of the routine. Make a good sweat after the 3 minute and you got the cardio workout in your hands.

cardio workout

“No food before cardio Workout”.
No food intake before a cardio workout gives the opposite result. The cardio needs glucose as fuel, so no food intake takes the body into a catabolic state in which muscle tissue is burned, thus low energy.

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“Cardio needs little concentration, so it is OK to watch TV while exercising.”.
Cardio workout needs all the focus it can get. If you watch TV or read a magazine (on the static bike workout machine), then all you do is routine movements. There is less chance that you’ll sweat since all your thoughts are in the TV or magazine. Concentrate while you workout. Think of sweating and hard work and it will produce sweat and hard work. Think of breathing the right way and etc. Those things will motivate you as well as bur the fat in you.

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