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Fitness, Health — March 4, 2011 at 9:40 am

Cardio Workout Myths, part 1

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As there are bodybuilding myths, there are cardio myths circling around as well. It has received its attribute “myth” because it tends to be misleading. Well, let’s clear the air about cardiovascular training, an important part of weight loss procedure.

cardio workout

“A slower cardio training for longer period of time burns more calories.”
This is an easy type of cardio training and it won’t burn many calories as well. Much intense cardio workout will eliminate a lot of calorie, I mean a LOT. You don’t have to just burst into high speed running or bike riding to do that. But gradually increase the intensity and adapt the body to an intense performance. You’ll sweat a bit more which is a good sign concerning the calories.

cardio workout

“If you do more cardio, you can eat more.”
Don’t even think that you can burn an entire hamburger with 20 minutes of running. It takes about 2 hours of running to eliminate that kind of calories. 2 hours of running leads to overtraining and evidently injuries. So, stay close to healthy metabolism and it will not cause the feeling of “rocks in the stomach” while you are running.

cardio workout

“Weights around your ankles will eliminate more fat than usual.”
A cardio workout is an energy builder and oxygen supplier. Ankle weights will only throw you off balance and cause injury. If you want to challenge your strength, get of the treadmill and grab some weights. Challenging the cardio workout requires increasing the level of performance, not your body weight.

cardio workout

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