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Body Building, Fitness — March 2, 2011 at 9:40 am

Ab Workout – Hanging Knee Rise

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A normal Abs workout is lying on the floor and doing crunches most of the time. So, instead of activating the upper body for the abs workout as a routine, move a step forward in when it comes to abs. Take a more challenging exercise and put the six-packs on a test.

Hanging Knee Rise

To do the Hanging Knee Rise you don’t need a workout machine, dumbbells or barbells, to be exact. All you have to do is grab a chin-up bar, hanging with your hands with no contact to the floor. From that position contract the abs and raise your legs up and bring the knees as high as you can, than lower down to initial hanging position.

Hanging Knee Rise

Make repetitions the first set as much as you can; so the second and the third set.
This is a great abs workout. It lets you control the lower body with your abs and you don’t have to limit the leg movement only in front of you. You can move them sideways and trigger the side abs.

Hanging Knee Rise

Hanging Knee Rise

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