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Workout Machines – Benefits and Drawbacks

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First impression Workout Machines have is complexity. Almost every rookie in the gym feels a bit intimidated by them and thinks that they are hard to manage. On the contrary, they are quite easy to handle and are perfect for beginners.

Workout Machines
Workout Machines

Workout Machines save time. Instead of wasting your rest in-between sets on adjusting the weights on the barbell and dumbbells, workout machines require a simple adjustment with a switch of a small metal pieces, mostly in the shape of a pencil.

Workout machines give the benefit of stabilizing your body in a firm position, thus isolating most of the muscles while concentrating the muscles that perform the movement. This also gives the benefit of fewer injuries while exercising. Since the body is secure in a good, firm position, you don’t have to worry about improper back strengthening or shoulder width alignment.

Workout Machines
Workout Machines

Workout machines are also great for injury recovery. For example, if you hurt your shoulder on a Military press just because of improper hand alignment on the barbell, the shoulder press workout machine will do the alignment for you and the muscles will move properly.

It is ironic to say in this article that workout machines can lead to injuries considering that in couple of lines above I mentioned that the injury risk is smaller. Well, as much as it is beneficial it is a drawback. If you misinterpret you ego and speed the weight lifting enthusiasm, there are chances that you’ll adjust too much weight on the machine.

Workout Machines
Workout Machines

Workout Machines

The weight on a workout machine is different than a weight outside the gym. Don’t think that a if you can lift 50 kg on a shoulder press, you can lift 50kg somewhere in real life. The workout machine “helps you” lift those 50 kg by setting you in a firm body position; I don’t think there is a workout machine all the time around you outside the gym.

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