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Medicine Ball Exercises – Twisting

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Standing Torso Twist

Medicine Ball Twisting
Medicine Ball Twisting

To perform the Standing Torso Twist you’ll need a partner. Stand back to back with 0.5 meter distance between you. Make sure you have a firm standing body position; legs in shoulder-length distance, slightly bend knees and straighten back. Now, pass the ball to each other from side to side by moving only the torso.

As you progress further, you can also switch the passing movement on every repetition. For example, pass the ball with arm movement parallel to the floor; then make the other repetition high above, then down low.

Medicine Ball Twisting

This exercise is also affective without a partner. Standing in the same body position, simply twist the torso from left to right like you are passing back to someone;. Make 3 sets with 8 to 12 repetitions. Increase the speed and repetitions as you progress further.

Medicine Ball Twisting
Medicine Ball Twisting

Russian Twists

This exercise is similar to the standing torso twist. Instead of standing you sit on the floor with bend knees, upper body leaned back and perform the twist. As with all medicine ball exercises, make sure you have a firm body position and work only the torso.

Medicine ball Obliques

Medicine Ball Twisting
Medicine Ball Twisting

Lie on your back with arms stretched sideways for balance control, bend the knees and put the medicine ball between them. With the legs in a 90 degree angle holding the medicine ball, twist the lower body side to side without moving the upper body. The stretched arms will help you stabilize the body position.

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