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Chest Workout: Dive-Bomber Pushup

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Pushups are always going to be the number one chest workout. Great thing about them is that there is more than just the classic push. Push-ups can be quite challenging when working out, even more challenging with its varieties which include muscles more than just the chest. Here is how to perform a challenging pushup called the Diver-Bomb pushup.

Dive Bomber Pushup

Make the push-up position on the floor, but instead of straight knees, bend them a little bit. Now, the first movement is to lift your butt in the lair as high as possible. Once you rich the top, dive with your body towards the floor and before you hit the ground with your head, move forward and up at the same time. The whole pushup should look like you are digging a hole in the ground with your head. Make as much as pushups as you can in a set.

Dive Bomber Pushup

This workout triggers the entire chest area, especially the lower area when you move the body upwards. Shoulders are included in the game when you move backwards towards initial position.

This is a great chest workout that requires the assistance of many muscle groups at once, to be precise, the entire upper body. Enjoy the workout.

Dive Bomber Pushup

Dive Bomber Pushup

Dive Bomber Pushup

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