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Body Building, Fitness — February 23, 2011 at 9:40 am

All-time Exercises

There are exercises in the gym that you just can’t let go off no matter the type of workout routine. These exercises have tremendous effect on not just the target muscle, but surrounding muscles as well. Whatever your goals are, these next exercises should be your primary gym exercises I the program.


The Plank

The Plank is simple test of strength which doesn’t require movement. This exercise gives hard core muscles by just standing on your hands and toes, forming a table with the body. In this position, you should concentrate on keeping a straight back. The abs are those that allow you to do the plank. The longer you hold the Plank position, the harder are they challenged to do their work.

Squats babe

The Squat

Squats workout the whole lower body. They stimulate a lot of muscle fibers in one movement. There are many two ways to perform them; placing a barbell behind your neck or use a squat rack. For safety reasons I recommend the squat rack; you can use only a barbell if you like, but leave that later on when you improve the exercise.

With the barbell behind your neck and shoulder-width feet apart, lower down to the floor until you reach 90 degrees angle with the knees. Keep  your upper body straight at all times.

Bench Press

The Bench Press

You can’t exercise the upper body without the bench press. It is as workout that triggers chest muscles, pectorals, triceps and little biceps. The bench press is adjustable so that it can switch its concentration to upper chest area or lower chest area.

Lying flat on the bench, grab the barbell with palms a bit wider from shoulder width, take it off the rack and lower it down towards the chest. Once it reaches a position before touching the body, lift the barbell up to an initial position for another repetition.

The Stiff-Legged Deadlift

This exercises triggers strength and balance on hamstrings, back muscles, quads and glutes. Stand in front of a barbell (previously prepared), slightly bend the knees as you lower your upper body to take the barbell, focus on the hamstring muscles and start lifting the barbell by rising up. Don’t bend any joints, just your waist. Once you reach an upright body position with the barbell in your hands, lower down to initial position.

military press strong

The Military Press

The Military Press is a hardcore shoulder exercise which triggers all the shoulder components: posterior, medial and anterior. It also includes the abs to join in the fun; they help keeping the balance at bay. While standing up, take the barbell in your hands (palms a bit wider from shoulder length), keeping the back straight and knees slightly bend lift the barbell up in the air above your head. Start lowering the barbell towards your chin and then push up.

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