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Body Building, Fitness, Health — February 24, 2011 at 9:03 am

Addicts for Training

There are a lot of vices that cause addiction with a negative effect; training addiction is one of them. Handling it improperly, training can cause serious threat on health and physique; eating disorders, overtraining syndrome, bigorexia and unbalanced lifestyle.


One of the common reasons for reaching a level of overtraining comes from childhood experiences. Weight problems as a child causes individuals to train harder every day as not to be that “fat kid” again. They are afraid of that negative body image they had during child hood.

Tricep Dips

Another reason is for addiction is vanity. People think that if they have an impressive chiseled body they will separated from the normal guy/girl in a cooler, handsome way.
People, experiencing problems in personal life and career, think that will gain control over everything around them if the train harder every day. Well, problems won’t be solved if you increase repetitions and weights out of anger.

fitess babe exercising

These are just some, if not general, purposes for creating an addiction in training. The outcome of this training addiction is more terrifying than its purposes. Not to go through in details of the putcomes, I’ll just list tem below and to the math yourself.
– Injuries
– Bigorexia (a symptom of feeling not muscular enough)
– Steroid use(eventually form the effect of Bigorexia)
– Depression (looking for answers in heavier lifts)
– Unbalanced metabolism
Training is an Art. It wants discipline and respect. It is there to relax you from everyday problems which can help thinking clearly and sharp; but it won’t solve your problems.


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