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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — January 15, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Your roommate Dumbbells

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It is no coincidence that the title of this article is catchy. Dumbbells can be your “silent” roommate, moreover, your partner in getting chiseled. To all of you athletic in spirit, dumbbells are you perfect choice for home exercise if you don’t have much time on your hands to visit the gym every day.


Buying a set of dumbbells, or just one pair, is a good investment. Some will find it expensive, some cheap, but in the end you won’t even remember how much you paid for them. Dumbbells are not seasoned labeled nor have an expiring date on them, No! They will remain in the same form and weight every day. All you have to do is lift them a couple of times to get in shape.

Dumbbells Workout
Dumbbells Workout

There are many workout routines and exercises that a pair of dumbbells is capable of. Almost every muscle group has 2 or 3 exercises with dumbbells. If you can do them with the gym dumbbells, than you can definitely do with your own at home. Some dumbbell exercises have their own article on “Train body and Mind” (feel free to search them) other will have their turn in publishing.


It is a benefit if you have a flat bench at home close in shape like the one at the gym. They will serve perfect for all the exercises.

Dumbbells in action

Just like in the gym; if you workout at home the tips and tricks of proper diet and cardiovascular training goes the same. Maintain discipline at all time.

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