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Body Building, Fitness — January 10, 2011 at 9:19 pm

The Holiday Workout

Santa working out
holiday workout

Some say that one of the great enemies of gym exercising are the holiday, specially the family holidays, not those involving travel to a remote island. The thing about them is that they are full of delicious food and drink capable of breaking down your food regime for the workout. Don’t worry; the body never forgets the effort you put in the gym before the holidays. It is not that easy for the muscles to lose their muscle mass in just a heartbeat. There is a simple technique of gym workout, and short in time, that will keep the muscles awake during the holidays.

The holiday workout
holiday workout

The key ingredient is durability. Instead of doing the normal routine of 3 sets with repetitions, you barely do any repetition at all. Durability is the word you are looking for. Let’s look through the simple exercises of the major muscle group.

For the chest, use the bench press. Adjust the bench or the flat chest press workout. Place the barbell on the rack and add weights more than your best set. If your best set is 100 kg, then place about 130kg or 140 kg. Now, lift the barbell of the rack and hold it up; don’t lower the barbell and don’t lock it, instead keep it few inches below the locking point. Keep this position for 5 seconds then return the barbell on the rack. If the weight is too light, that means you are capable of performing the exercise for heavier weight.

Santa stretching and warming up
holiday workout santa working out

Do the same routine with The Lat Pull Down for the Back; The Leg Press for the Legs; and Shoulder Press for the Shoulders. You don’t have to use exercises involving barbells; the technique is quite effective with workout machines as well.

The holiday workout Santa Working out in gym – Holiday spirit in the Gym
holiday workout santa working out

This technique makes the muscles avoid reducing state. It keeps them triggered long enough not to “sleep” during the holidays. It is a good workout routine that doesn’t require more than 15 minutes in the gum. Do the exercises for the 4 muscle groups and keep notes on much have you lift. Probably the following day the muscles will want a heavier challenge.

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