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Body Building, Fitness, Health — January 19, 2011 at 6:18 pm

The Benefits of Stretching

Every sport or exercise is connected to stretching. Biological need or simply just a routine, whatever you want to call it, stretching is an inevitable part of exercising and recreation. It is the body’s strategy to perform great on “the battle field of exercises”.


Muscles are constructed of fascicle, small strands of tissue; and they also are formed with other small elements. Not to bore you with biological terms I’ll present it simple. These fascicles contract each time a heavy weight is lifted. How many fascicles contract during the workout depends on the weight itself; the heavier it is, the more fascicles contract. During the contraction, fibers intertwine and muscles spend energy. After exercising, muscles and fibers must recuperate. That recuperation is eased up by the previous stretching and warming up. And not just for recuperation, stretching can ease up muscle growth, improve blood flow and performance, fibers are less intertwined, injuries are avoided and etc.


Stretching can be performed in couple of ways. The most obvious one is Static, or as some call it the individual stretch. It requires your own strength and enough space around you to perform the movements. There are stretching techniques that involve assistance from a partner, towel or a wall. Here are few techniques that will help you get the proper stretch.

Chest – Stand in the middle of a doorway and place the hands on its edges. Make a step forward so that your torso is stretched upfront and your arms straight backwards locked on the doorway. Stand in that position for about 15 to 30 seconds.

stretching exercise

Shoulders – Stand straight and stretch your left arm towards your right shoulder so that it is in a parallel position to the floor. With the right elbow, grab the left arm underneath and pull a bit towards your chest. This will nicely stretch your back shoulder muscles. Do the same for the right arm too.

Triceps – triceps are stretch in the same manner alike you are trying to scratch your back. Try to “scratch” your back from behind your neck. To make sure you are in that position for more than 15 seconds, use your other arm to push a bit.


Back – The most obvious way of stretching your back is to stand straight and bend your upper body as lower as you can. But keep the knees straight.

Enjoy the stretch and don’t forget to practice it before exercising; it is VERY important. More stretching techniques will be updated soon.

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