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Body Building, Fitness — January 4, 2011 at 3:21 pm

Dumbbell Front Rise – Shoulder Workout

Perfect shoulder workout
Shoulder Workout

This is a simple shoulder workout which can easily be done in the privacy of your own home if you have purchased two dumbbells and they are collecting dust in a corner. Well here is a simple exercise that will put them and the shoulders to work.

Pauline Nordin shoulder workout
pauline nordin shoulder workout

Stand in the middle of the room with a straight posture. Take the dumbbells in your hands (preferably of 2kg each for starters) and get ready. Now, keeping a straight back and straight arms, lift the dumbbells in front of you way up; like you are drawing a semi-circle in the air. Before reaching the top position, twist the dumbbells. Return to initial position and stat the next repetition. Let me remind you again to keep a straight back and arms at all times. Make 3 sets of 12, 10 and 8 repetitions. Exhale when you lift, inhale when you lower the dumbbells.This exercise tents to be heavy for the shoulders if you grab heavy weights. So, it is recommendable that you start with 2 kg on every set, and then work your way up with the weights when you feel you have overcome them.

Rachel Michele shoulder exercise
Rachel Michele shoulder exercise

This exercise is great for shoulder movement and muscle definition. Combined with other shoulder workouts, it will assist the other workout exercises that need shoulder muscle involvement.

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