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Fitness, Health, Motivation, Running — January 14, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Burning Fat in the Morning

Sounds a bit odd, but yes, training in the morning is way more affective for burning calories and fat then you think. You probably don’t approve the idea of working out few minutes after yawning, because the body is “still a sleep”; but with a few adjustments and habit crafting you’ll see the results.

Morning exercise, Jump start for the day
morning exercise

I’ll get right to the biological point of this- Glycogen. Glycogen is the number one energy source for the body and its levels at dawn are low. So, in order to perform the morning exercises, the body uses more fat then glycogen. Cardiovascular workout on an empty stomach in the morning has proved to be very effective, but don’t jump in to it too quickly. Give your some time to adapt. If you feel dizzy during the workout, have glass of juice.

Morning exercise, The beach is a great place to be in the morning
morning exercise, running on beach

The metabolism will take its pace too. Many people have difficulties having breakfast in the morning and don’t eat at all until noon. Exercising will speed up the metabolism and increase the morning appetite, so you’ll have to eat something before you go to work. This will also affect your metabolism positively through the entire day.
An issue for starting the habit of morning training is always the yawning and the desire to sleep 20 minutes extra rather than exercise. Well let me tell that almost every boxer wakes up early in the morning and runs at least a half an hour. That is not their idea of showing-off, but their way of burning fat and increasing the level of power in the muscles.

Morning exercise, Morning sunshine is great for the skin
morning exercise

So, make the morning exercise your habit. Just like any other habit, it takes time to stick on the skin. Once it’s there and you see the results, then you won’t feel the need to adjust the alarm clock; the body will do that for you. It will definitely wake up by itself 5 to 10 minutes before the alarm clock goes on. Don’t think about the morning exercises as a means of torture just to burn fat; think of it as a fuel production for the day’s assignments. If you live in a beautiful suburb neighborhood or near the park, then you are meant for the morning exercise. Try it, it works. Have fun and enjoy the morning sun and breeze.

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