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Body Building, Fitness — January 31, 2011 at 8:00 am

Bodybuilding Myths, part 2

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Myth No.4 – It takes 48 hours to diminish muscular mass.
Many people believe that if they miss gym practice for two days then all the muscular mass will be lost. A lot of people try not to miss a gym practice even if they don’t fell like it, just to maintain muscular mass. Quite on the contrary, muscles need a break. Giving them 48 hours of rest is enough; additional 24 hours won’t hurt at all. The pause will build additional strength and muscle mass. People have experienced many injuries in the gym, small or big. They spend time off the gym from one to six weeks; and when they return back on the barbells they fell capable of lifting double weights then before. Don’t get me wrong. Training in the gym requires consistency and proper schedule in between training days, but don’t be alarmed if you missed more than 48 hours off the gym. The body won’t forget your effort.

bodybuilding stretch
bodybuilding stretch

Myth No.5 – High number of reps gives high percentage of definition.
The entire muscular definition relies on the amount of body fat. A previous bodybuilding myth stats that muscles and fat are different; muscles are crafted with heavier weights and small number of repetitions; fat is burned with cardiovascular workout (running, cycling and etc.). Increasing the repetitions on a set with smaller weights will burn fat, no doubt, but it won’t increase muscle mass. Bring down the the body fat with healthier nutrition and cardiovascular workout; combine that with heavy lifting and the definition will arrive.

Dennis James
Dennis James

Myth No.6 – Training by instinct.
Following your instincts in training can be productively, but it has its limits. Use your instincts to “smell” the quality of a new workout; don’t trigger the instinct when it comes to sets and repetitions. It is a proven fact that a small number of repetitions with heavy weights bring muscular mass results. Increasing those repetitions based on false instinct will misguide you.

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