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Bodybuilding Myths, part 1

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bodybuilding bicep
bodybuilding bicep

Almost every type of sport activity is surrounded by myths. Unfortunately they are inevitable false information that keeps misleading people starting with exercising every day. The thing about exercising myths, particularly Bodybuilding, is that they are subconsciously created by people who are a bit afraid of exercising or want to achieve fitness goals over night. Read through the myths and you’ll get the idea of what I am talking about.

bodybuilding chains
bodybuilding chains

Myth No.1 – Muscles transform into Fat if you stop exercising. This is probably by far the most ridiculous and common myths of all. There is absolutely no way that a muscle can turn into fat or vice versa because fat tissue and muscle mass are completely different. A pound of muscle burns about 50-600 calories in a day. When the muscle gains mass it requires more calories for burning then before, thus more appetite and more food intake. With that workout tempo, the metabolism is increased so is the muscle, but what happens if you stop exercising? The metabolism will still require more food intake, but the muscle will be left behind because he is not “put into work” to burn all those calories. What the calories do when the muscles are not working, is turn into fat.

bodybuilding posing
bodybuilding posing

Myth No.2 – “Shocking the body”. On couple of occasions I have mentioned that the body has “a mind of its own”; that it remembers how and what have you been exercised. A have also pointed out that it is not good to make the body get use to one exercising routine for a longer period of time. On one hand it is good to have an exercising routine and schedule, on the other it tends to be quite negative if you keep that routine longer then it has to be. When the body has a routine of exercising every other day, for example Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then it expects to exercise on Sunday; but you have a day off from the gym on Sunday. So, shocking the body every week by skipping a day of workout will never increase muscle mass, if the gym is closed on Sunday, then do few sets of pushups, abs crunches or squats at home.

Myth No.3 – Muscles slow you down. It is quite the opposite. Recent studies and athletic training have proven that muscle mass, power and endurance is responsible for achieving better results at almost every type of sports activity. Basketball, Football, Baseball and even sprinters have bodybuilding in their training. The power to move fast, peddle fast or throw the ball further requires muscle strength and endurance throughout the game.

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