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Fitness, Health — December 23, 2010 at 7:16 am

Workout vs. Sleep

Sleeping is a natural body process that it is inevitably in our daily lives. It gives the body a fresh start and rebuild the lost energy. The same goes for the workout. Proper training goes along with proper time of sleep; metabolism, workout and sleep act as one when it comes to muscle building.

Workout and sleeping quality:
workout and sleeping quality

The necessity of sleep for a good muscle building is quite logical. There is no bodybuilder, or athlete, that can perform 100 % if he hadn’t got his sleep. Sleep plays its part in muscle building by releasing higher levels of growth hormones, than awaken. Muscles use growth hormone to restore the previous energy lost while lifting weights. Not only restore, but add more volume to the mass.

workout vs sleeping quality:
workout and sleeping quality

What happens to people who exercise regularly in the gym and don’t get their sleep enough? Well, quite the opposite. Lack of sleep means higher cortisol levels which have a counter-effect on the muscle growth. Many researchers have proven that sleep is very, VERY important if you plan to gain muscle mass, or lose weight for that matter.
Even if you haven’t been familiarizing with the facts about sleep and workout, you probably had one experience or two of exercising with yawning.

workout and sleep

If you yawn between sets, then the exercising is turned over into “just another training day”; Just to go over the workout list and concentration is at its lowest level. When you feel sleepy before going to the gym, get a small nap and then go to exercise. It is much better to lift weights with a fresh blood in your head, rather than risk an injury in the gym just because of a yawn or two.

workout and sleep

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