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Fitness, Health — December 31, 2010 at 10:08 am

The Flow of the Exercise Program

After you have decided to include physical exercise in your everyday life, it is time to choose the proper recreational sport and program. No rule says that you can take on a physical exercise activity “blindfolded”; it is quite normal that you try several activities or sports for a while and then decide which suits you the best. You can try the gym 2-3 times, then exercise in the park for the weekend or play tennis with your friends a couple of times. After all that, it will be the time to choose your favorite recreational activity.


If you have chosen weight lifting in the gym, then there are few rules you must follow. Get someone to construct an exercising program, or routine, on which exercises and order to do. It is advisable to stick to the program, but if you find some exercises to be less efficient then others, switch them. Some exercises may well be suited for you then to others, so “listen to yourself” as you exercise. Keep track of the muscle progress in order to see how the muscles react to the exercises.


Muscles pump with weight lifting; and when that pumping takes the maximum of the muscles in growth it is time to switch the exercise in order to avoid stagnation.

Bench press
bench press

Some muscle groups are “left behind” in exercising just because the exercise seemed boring to you. Well, there is a cure for it – make that exercise your first in the daily program. That way, not only full energy will be included, but also it will break the barrier of stagnation and achieve better results.

Gym instructor:
gym instructor

Don’t step away from the program too much. When the program starts to get boring, then do to it as you do on the muscles – switch the program. Make a better one that will suit oyur style and progress.

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