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Body Building, Fitness — December 9, 2010 at 5:53 am

Shoulders Workout: Barbell Press

The shoulder barbell press is quite similar to the Shoulder Military Press with barbell. The movements are the same, but the body position is different.
Sit on a bench that is specially designed for a shoulder press. Adjust the barbell on proper rack so that it won’t give you difficulties when taking the barbell off and bringing it back on the rack.

01. Shoulder Barbell Press lifting with exhale
 Shoulder Barbell Press lifting with exhale

02. Shoulder Barbell Press lowering with inhale:
Shoulder Barbell Press lowering with inhale

-After placing the weights on the barbell, sit and prepare the body in a straight back position.
-Grab the barbell a bit wider then shoulder length and make an overhand grip with thumbs out (beside the forefinger).
-Lift the barbell and position it above your head with elbows straighten.
-Bring the barbell towards your shoulders but stop when it gets in front of your chin; lift back up to complete the repetition.
-Inhale when lowering the barbell, exhale as you lift back up. make 3 sets with 12, 10 and 8 repetitions.
-Start the first set with 10kg (22lb), that’s 5kg on each side; and increase on every set with additional 5 kg (11lb) on each side. If you feel that 5 kg is too much, make an addition of 2, 5 kg.
-As you progress further, make the starting set 7.5 kg on each side, and then work your way up with 5kg extra on every set.

03. Sexy workout for motivation
Sexy workout for motivation

This exercise is perfect not just for muscle mass, but for power also. Make the exercise part of your shoulder workout, and don’t forget to switch it with another shoulder exercise from time to time. Have fun and enjoy

04. Shoulder Barbell Press and proper focus
Shoulder Barbell Press

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