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Fitness, Health — December 26, 2010 at 10:27 am


The number one friend of Motivation is Perseverance. Motivation cannot be successful if perseverance is not by its side. But what does it mean?

-1 : Fitness Babe – No limits to pedaling forward
Fitness Babe - No limits to pedaling forward

Perseverance means reaching a goal with a constant belief of success no matter what. If you are detriment to achieve something in life, then you must possess a good amount of perseverance in order to withstand and fight the barriers that get in your way. One word to describe Perseverance is patience, ad patience is a virtue.

-2: Fitness Babe -Exercising in a calm environment
Fitness Babe -Exercising in a calm environment

Every person on this planet has had a certain period of in life where nothing goes the way they want to be. This easily leads to alienating from Motivation and having a lot of difficulties in life. And many of us think that if things don’t get the way we want them to be, then there is no place for a positive hope, but only a fool’s hope.

-3: Fitness Babe – Work hard to achieve what you’ve planed
Fitness Babe - Work hard to achieve what you've planed

NO! … The more you think of failing, the more it will follow you. Perseverance comes with “No matter what happens… “No matter what happens, always keep a good thought and a positive hope for your mission in life. No matter how bad things are going, keep them on track with a good hope of successfully arriving on the designated location. Think of Perseverance as your transport vehicle to the finish line. No matter the rain, the snow, the blizzard, the rough wind, no matter what is there on the road, you will arrive completing the mission.

-4: Fitness Babe – Smooth sexy muscles
Fitness Babe - Smooth sexy muscles

People have spent most of their time searching for a good motivation tool to work hard and are misled easily. Some don’t even believe in themselves enough to realize that they are the gate keepers of their own success. They subconsciously wait for someone else to serve the solution and final result. Everybody must work hard to get what they want. To work hard means to be highly motivated no matter how bad things start to flow.

It is good enough to start just by thinking of the word every day. Write it down on a piece of paper and hang it on your fridge so that you can see it every time you are in the kitchen. In a matter of days, you will start believing in it and yourself. Trust me … it works.

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