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Fitness, Health — December 17, 2010 at 10:04 am

Office Workout

Ab crunches in the office:
Ab crunches in the office

People often say that their lack of time to exercise is because they spend way too much time during the day in the office sitting on the chair. And when the time comes to go to the gym, they are too tired to exercise. Well there is a cure for that. This article will present a few exercises that can be easily be done in the office while working. Separating few minutes without the need of a break will refresh you and give you strength that will last throughout the day.

Pilates ball is great for keeping a straight and healthy back
Pilates ball straight and healthy back

The Office Chair Squat is an easy exercise. First go back a few inches with the chair and give yourself a little space to exercise. Straighten the back as you sit and with your knees lift your body off the chair, but don’t lose the straight back. After standing up, bring the body to a sitting position but don’t sit on the chair; stop just few inches from the chair. Continue with the exercise with as many repetitions as you can.

Stretch from time to time to stay off a sleepy body
Stretch to stay off a sleepy body

The Desk Push up is yet another simple exercise. Instead of doing a regular pushup to the floor, position the hands on the edge of the desk and do pushups. You can include knee dives in the exercises in between repetitions. If you work alone in the office, there is nothing that can stop you for doing a couple of pushups on the floor in few seconds.

It’s better to sit on a Pilates ball then on a classic desk chair
Pilates ball better then classic desk chair

You can bring along a pair of small dumbbells (1 to 2 kg each) and perform shoulder exercises while sitting on the chair. The dumbbells are good for abs and lower back exercise. Grab the barbells and joined the hands together. The arms and elbows should be in a parallel position to the floor. Now keep the lower body static and twist the upper body left to right. Do as many repetitions as you can, but don’t overdo it.

These are just few exercises that are most effective and practiced at the office. Feel free to do an exercise of your own to keep the body awake and mind focused; as long as it doesn’t affect your work achievements. Have a nice day at work

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