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Fitness, Motivation — December 11, 2010 at 11:18 am

Motivation vs. Boredom

It seams inevitable to get rid of boredom in the gym. Maybe not all the time, but boredom hits everyone in the gym once in a while. And if you haven’t got a cure for it, it will tend to stay with you until it gets you out of the gym and bring you back, or point in a direction of unhealthy exercise-free life. Physical workout is always positive towards your body so don’t let boredom interfere with your goals. Here are some few tips that will sure get rid of the Boredom in the gym.

Setting the workout playlist:
Setting the workout playlist

1. Change the workout program. If you were aiming towards muscle mass for couple of months, then boredom will surely struck soon. Change the workout routine, sets and exercises. The change will put you to new physical tests leading towards an uncharted land of achievements.

2. Listen to music while exercising. Music is one of the main motivational tools in the gym. It’s adrenalin’s best friend. When your favorite movie theme plays on your headphones, you’ll definitely feel the adrenalin pumping in the aura around you. Plus, the music will “separate’ you from the rest of the people exercising around you and there will be no distraction; just plain concentration.

Ready, Set, GO!
Ready, Set, GO!

3. Take the exercise out of the Gym. Some excellent exercises can be performed out of the gym, like classic pushups for instance, or running. The park is the perfect location for it.

4. Do the exercise on different workout equipment. Tray a different workout machine for a certain type of exercise; It will be the same muscle group, only a different type of movement.

Changing the workout, always works best against boredom:
Changing the workout always works best against boredom

5. Workout with a partner. You don’t have to exercise on your own. Invite a friend and workout together. You can motivate and help each other when it comes to heavier sets or workout routine.

These are just 5 most common used techniques to fight against boredom while working out. If there is a similar technique in your mind, use it and don’t let boredom touch you in-between sets.

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