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Celebrities, Featured — December 7, 2010 at 5:06 am

Janet Jackson’s Workout

One of the most selling female artists of all time, Janet Jackson, has faced weight problems in recent years. She has always portrayed herself with a fit body capable of dancing on stage with impressive speed and stamina. After gaining about 180 pounds, it was time to get busy.

Janet Jackson is hot:
Janet Jackson hot

Janet is not a workout person, she has said that herself, but she was well aware that pounds don’t lose themselves. So, a combination of a healthy diet and proper workout, she has managed to achieve her fit body again, and say goodbye to those extra pounds. Many have argued that that kind of weight loss cannot be achieved without the help of artificial fat-burners. Janet has denied it, and when you look at here workout routine combined with her diet; there is a good chance she is right. I’m probably sure that motivation and will had their part while working out. Creating an image of a pop icon must not be ruined by extra pounds that can be eliminated. Here is here workout followed with the diet regime.

Janet Jackson abs:
Janet Jackson abs

Legs – twice a week (toe touches, reserve lunges, and leg press)
Upper body – twice a week (Pull-downs, Classic Push-ups , Triceps, Biceps and chestflyes)
Abs – 3 times a week
Cardiovascular workout – 5,6 days (Tennis, Basketball, Jumping Rope, Kickboxing, Running)

Janet Jackson is cute:
Janet Jackson cute

Breakfast: 6 egg whites, 1/3 cup of oatmeal
Lunch: chicken breast (4oz), organic salad
Snack: grilled shrimp (3oz), mixed veggies (1 cup)
Dinner: filet mignon (4oz), grilled asparagus (15)

Janet Jackson retro photos:
Janet Jackson retro

Breakfast: 6 egg whites, chicken sausage (3oz)
Lunch: grilled chicken (4oz), baked yam, steamed green beans
Snack: turkey breast (3oz), butternut squash (1 cup)
Dinner: grilled salmon (4oz), couscous, grilled veggies

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