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Incline Bench press – Nice Chest Workout

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The chest workout goes even further than just a normal flat bench press. Expanding the chest workout with a barbell on a bench will give the muscles full workout and no inch left unexercised.

Incline Bench press:
Incline Bench press

Incline Bench press

The instructions for exercising on the incline bench are the same as on the flat bench press:

-Adjust the bench in an incline position, but not too high, or it will activate the shoulder muscles rather than the chest; make it around 20° to 30° up.
-Place the barbell on the rack a bit higher than usual.
-Grab the barbell a bit wider from shoulder length, long enough so that when you lower the barbell, the upper elbow part of the arms would be parallel to the floor.
-Lift the barbell of the rack and lower the barbell towards the upper chest. The barbell and chest should not make contact. Then push the barbell up to initial position.

Incline Bench press:
Incline Bench press

The right weight for the first set should be as half your weight. Then increase with 10kg (22lb) after each set (that’s 5kg on each side)

This exercise is quite challenging so don’t rush in to it. It triggers the upper part of the chest. Make the repetitions at normal speed; inhale when you lower the barbell and exhale when you lift. You can also exercise the workout it with dumbbells; whatever is the best for you. The results are the same

Incline Bench press:
Incline Bench press

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