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Body Building, Featured, Train body and mind — December 21, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Fitness babe – Pauline Nordin (the return)

01. Exercising the back
Pauline Nordin lat pull down

02. Getting ready for the shoulder butterfly
Nordin  Pauline shoulder workout

03. Getting those biceps ripped
Nordin Pauline biceps workout

04. Here are the results
Nordin  Pauline biceps

05. In black and white with Sherlyn
Nordin Pauline sherlyn

06. Pull Ups all the way
Nordin Pauline pull ups

07. Still pulling up
Nordin Pauline  pull-ups

08. Back workout
Nordin Pauline back workout

09. Posing …nice hat
Nordin Pauline babe

10. Black and White art
Nordin Pauline babe

11. Pauline Nordin upper body muscles
Pauline Nordin babe

12. Back workout colorless
Pauline Nordin babe

13. Getting ready for the leg workout
Pauline Nordin babe

14. Balancing the kick
Nordin Pauline kick

15. With Ronnie Coleman
Nordin Pauline and Ronnie Coleman

16. Pulling for back muscle improvement
Pauline Nordin back

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