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Body Building, Fitness, Health — December 30, 2010 at 9:59 am

Exercises for Stronger Back

The back muscles are essential to the body’s overall appearance and strength. Many people nowadays suffer from back pain, mostly lower back. The following exercises will help you avoid and heal possible back pain.

1. Lat Pull-Downs. This is one of the basic back exercises closer to the hardcore Pull-ups. Performing this exercises requires straighten back and makes the hands move properly. Click here for the instruction on how to do it.

Lat Pull down
Lat Pull Down

2. Bent-Over Rows. Take two dumbbells and bend forward; knees bend and a straight back. Lower the dumbbells towards the floor. From initial, straight arm position, pull the dumbbells towards you and then return. Keep a straight back and bend knees throughout the set. You can look forward or look down while performing the exercise.

One Arm Dumbbell Row
One Arm Dumbbell Rows

3. One-Arm Dumbbell rows. Instead of performing the rows standing, you can use a bench to perform the rows on each hand separately. The body position for this exercise is the same as on the Bent-Over Rows, this time, place one leg (left or right) on the bench with the knee and one arm (left or right) on the bench in front of you with a straight line. Make rows with each hand separately. This will strengthen weak spots in the back and won’t let nothing go by un-exercised.

4. Pullovers. This is a chest workout, but it does the trick for the back muscles; mostly the lat part. Lie on the bench on your back and grab a single dumbbell with both hands. Push the dumbbell up (like doing a barbell bench-press) and move it towards the back of your head. When you reach a point of good stretch, return the dumbbell to initial position. The Lat muscles work full throttle on the way back to initial position.

Strong back
strong back

5. Twisting weight Supermans. Lie on the floor facing down. Take a small weight dumbbell with both hands and place it behind your neck. Lift the upper body from the floor and start twisting from side to side. This is an excellent exercise for the spine; it stretches it and strengthens the muscles around it at the same time.


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