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Body Building, Fitness, Health — December 20, 2010 at 5:48 am

A 15 minute Workout

Strange as it is, but there is a workout routine of 15 minutes capable of getting you in shape. The advantage of it is the ability to surprise the muscles and perform special attention to its function. The disadvantage may appear in the form of an injury caused by speedy exercise switching. But that shouldn’t be a problem for the experienced, neither for the beginners if they take care good enough.

15 minute workout gear:
15 minute workout gear

The first, and most logical, workout that is placed in the 15 minutes are the pushups. On several occasions “Train Body and Mind” has published the instructions on how to perform a pushup. Feel free to search the site for it. In terms of its use in this article, don’t rush them too much and make as much as pushups as you can just in one set. Save your energy and time for other exercises.

15 minute workout biceps:
15 minute workout biceps

If you have a static bar for pull ups, they should follow the pushups. There are is also an article about Pull ups in this site; for the 15 minute workout, do pull ups as much as you can in just one set.

15 minute workout stretching:
15 minute workout stretching

The legs are included with the Squat exercise. With feet in shoulder length and straight body posture, bend the knees until the upper legs are in a parallel position to the floor; then return to initial upright position. Do as many squats as you can in just one set.

15 minute workout abs:
15 minute workout abs

Grab a pair of dumbbells (whatever weight you choose, but make it a normal one) and do two exercises; one for shoulder and one for biceps. A military press in a standing position for the shoulders and dumbbell curls for the biceps. Make one exercise each with as much as repetitions as you can in one set.

All these exercises, combined with the time for pause between sets, should give 15 minutes; or roughly, around 15 minutes. This routine will pump up your body muscles, give you confidence if you are doing it before a night-out, and most importantly will warm the body and increase blood flow. My advice is to be careful not to injure yourself and not to use this routine too often.

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