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Body Building, Fitness — November 30, 2010 at 5:28 am

The SWAT workout

Part of SWAT workout:
SWAT workout

To become a part of the elite SWAT team, every applicant must undergo various levels of physical and mental tests which are considered to be one of the hardest there is. A SWAT team member job description is full of adrenalin, mind concentrated and physical capability. To work under pressure and be responsible when lives are at stake every muscle power and mental focus counts. Here is a taste of their workout routine on how to make a parallel training with body and mind.

SWAT workout gear:
SWAT workout

– The Unholy 100
Start doing push-ups. When you get tired, stop and start doing chin-ups. Switch from chin-ups to push–ups and vice versa until you reach the number 100. This exercise impacts the back and chest.

– Leg press.When doing the Leg press, don’t lower the weight all the way down; bring the knees to 90 degrees and then push up, but not all the way. Here are the sets and repetitions.
1st set with 100 pounds and 20 reppetitions
2nd set with 200 pounds and 12 reppetitions
3rd set with 250 pounds and10 reppetitions
4th set with 300 pounds and 8 reppetitions.

– Lateral raises; shoulder workout
3 sets of 12 reppetitions from 15 to 20 pounds

– Wide lat pull-downs (cable); back workout
3 sets of 10 reppetitions with 90 to 150 pounds

– Bench press (flat); chest workout
3 Sets of 10 reppetitions with 90 to 135 pounds
– Basic yoga class. Mental fitness
1 hour, 3 times per week

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