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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — November 19, 2010 at 1:15 am

Switching the Exercises

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There are numerous exercises in the gym that you can practice. Some hard some easy; but no matter the level of the exercise, or the experience you have in working out, you are bound to switch exercises from time to time. That is a main element on the road towards healthier and tougher body.

Switching the Exercises:
Switching the Exercises

The switch from one exercise to another is not an overnight decision. When you start a workout program (system) in the gym, the body needs to “adapt” to the movements of the exercises. The muscles must shape the way the exercise aims at. But practicing the same exercises over and over aging, tends to be boring not just for you, but for the muscles also. When a muscle group is overstrained with one exercise, it creates a counter effect. Instead of a pumped up muscle you get no results at all, only sore joints and tired body.

Switching the Exercises:
Switching the Exercises

If you switch exercises the muscles are “surprised” in a way that they must work a bit different to perform a proper movement. Different exercises turn on different parts of the muscle group. Look on the exercise switching as continuous flux of muscle movement and blood flow.

A proper timing for exercise switching is about two to 3 weeks. Keep the workout program on schedule, but switch the exercises inside. If you did bench press every time when you have chest workout on schedule for two weeks, start the third week with pushups and put the bench press on pause.

Results are inevitable.

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