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Running — November 1, 2010 at 11:38 pm

Night Jogging Tips

Jogging at night can be a lot of fun, but also dangerous. Most people jog at night because they had a busy day at work and hadn’t had time to exercise during the day. So, a reasonable solution is to jog before you get to bed. Night jogging is not recommended and it is not forbidden; so if you must jog at night, here are some tips to guide you through the city lights.

Night Jogging Tips:
Night Jogging Tips

Since you are running at night on the sidewalk, people may confuse you for a criminal and report to the nearest authorities. Bring along an ID card with you just in case a police officer stops you and ask for identification.

Run on the left side of the road, or on the left sidewalk running “towards” car’s headlights. Drivers can notice you easily from afar and know that there is a pedestrian running on the sidewalk.

An excellent idea is to bring a friend along; you won’t be bored and you will be safer.

Night Jogging Tips:
Night Jogging Tips

There is a possibility to see other runners and cyclists working out like you at night. Since you are low in visibility, pay attention not to collide and injure yourself.

Take a Cell Phone with you if god forbids something happens; you get robbed or twist an ankle somewhere.

Wear trainers with thick fabric so you won’t have a constant battle of maintaining body temperature.

Have a watch with you to keep track of time.

These are basic tips you should consider before you hit the street under the lights to jog. Always be precautious and don’t forget to have fun and relax.

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